Tuesday’s Timely Tip #22

April 21, 2015

I often use the phrase “Be aware and be prepared.”  The first part of that statement may be the most important self-defense tool you have:  BE AWARE!  Put that cell phone away, hold your head up, look around you, and be aware of your environment.  Look around as you pull into the gas station, look […] [Read More]

Tuesday’s Timely Tip #21

March 25, 2015

When shooting your firearm, make sure that you are using ammunition of the proper loading and caliber.  If the recoil on firing doesn’t seem right to you or seems weak, cease firing immediately and unload your firearm.  Firing incorrect ammunition can cause injury to you and/or to bystanders. [Read More]

Tuesday’s Timely Tip #20

March 10, 2015

More about gun safety this week: Remember, not all firearms are the same. And the method of handling, carrying and shooting a gun varies with the mechanics of each specific gun. Don’t handle any firearm without first having thoroughly familiarized yourself with the particular type of gun you’re using. Educate yourself in how the firearm […] [Read More]

Tuesday’s Timely Tip #19

March 3, 2015

Let’s talk about shooting! Be sure of your target before you shoot, and don’t shoot unless you know exactly where your bullet is going to strike. Be sure of the bullet stop behind your target, even when dry-firing with an unloaded gun. If you are in a field hunting, do NOT fire at a movement […] [Read More]

Tuesday’s Timely Tip #18

February 25, 2015

When using an ATM, be very careful, and think ahead in your selection.   Choose an ATM that is in a well-lighted location with high visibility.   Avoid ATM locations with large perimeter parking lots and numerous ingress and egress points.   Avoid ATMs in areas known for criminal activity.   Be aware of persons lurking around […] [Read More]

Tuesday’s Timely Tip #17

February 17, 2015

If you’re considering buying something via an online source (i.e. Craig’s List or similar) and you need to meet the seller at a location, make sure you select a safe place. Good choices are either a police department or a fire department. Some police departments even have areas designated for this exact purpose. It’s also […] [Read More]

Tuesday’s Timely Tip #16

February 3, 2015

When discarding paperwork, especially paperwork that may have your credit card or Social Security information on it, run it through a paper shredder first.  Paper shredders are pretty inexpensive these days.  You can even buy a paper shredder that fits on top of your existing waste basket.  Check at your local office supply store to […] [Read More]

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